Monday, September 21, 2009

my mother

I'm really really sick of my mother

I've been sick (fever over 100*) as mentioned in my last post so I've been sleeping quite a bit this weekend ...

I told Jenn I would see her on like Wednesday (before I got sick) on Sunday for a least a few hours and as Karin will tell you I'm not in the habit of breaking promises if I can help it. So my fever went do to like 98* and I was feeling a lot better so I figured if I went to visit Jenn for a couple hours it wouldn't be a big deal ... well being as I am sick I fell asleep big shock!!!!! are you shocked?!? I'm certainly shocked !!! I got a lovely text message from my mother so when I woke up planning to go straight home I decided to go back to sleep and just spend the night with Jenn who has been much more comforting than my mother ever has been. So yeah when Jenn had to get up to leave in the morning she asked if I wanted to stay or go home so I said I should go home or my mom would be really pissed... When I got home my mom was up and just stared at me as usual she never says anything to me she treats me like shit so I went to my room and there was this page long rant in bold letters taped to my door in it she called me a drunk and useless. then she went on to say how how I was sick and she "allowed" me not to cook and clean the day before when SHE wanted my grampa to come over for dinner (no one else did) (and mind you I did dust the whole house and cook the 6 Cornish hens and the vegetables) ... I'm sick of living here and always being put down ... I could win the noble prize in biology and my mom would tell me I'm the dumbest person she has ever met

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